Checkfront and WordPress

Want to stand out from your competitors? Combine the power of Checkfront bookings with the customization of WordPress to be a stand out.

Does your booking website fit into a box?

Recent data suggests businesses lost $1 trillion in potential sales due to poor user experience at checkout. Our team consists of experienced designers and developers who implement best practices to maximize online bookings. Our expertise is creating custom Checkfront experiences for businesses who don’t fit into a template.

What is Checkfront?

Online booking made easy

Checkfront is a customizable online bookings platform that allows you to integrate the booking and payment process for any time or date based service onto a WordPress website. You can also integrate Checkfront with other marketing, accounting and CRM software.

What is WordPress?

Ranked #1, the design you need

WordPress is a robust content management system that allows non-technical people to easily update content on their website. WordPress is the most widely used website platform on the Internet today. There are an abundance of WordPress experts who can help you. Gone are the days where you’re stuck with the developer who built your website.

Checkfront Case Studies

Don’t make me think!

To maximize conversion of customers, we need to create a seamless booking experience. When customers “have to think” during the checkout process, the risk of cart abandonment is high.

Property Manager

Stay Tofino doesn’t fit into a box.

Stay Tofino hired an excellent designer to build their initial website. It became evident that improved user experience design was needed to maximize sales. Enter weCreate.

#1 Date search across multiple properties

Display only properties available for traveller dates

#2 Search filters

If you have more than 20 bookable items, search filters help customers narrow their search. If customers cannot narrow search, they are at risk of feeling overwhelmed with choices, and not booking online.

Empower customers to narrow their search

#3 Map search

Using Google Maps, we integrate item search based on location. A great feature for clients with bookable assets spread across a city or town.

Help customers identify properties close to their friends

Sailing Charters

Fully custom booking experiences using Checkfront API

The high cost of customers booking the wrong tours.

What to do when customers are booking the wrong tours? Let’s use Checkfront API to create booking experience tailored to your customer.

Step 1: Don’t make me think

For some organizations, showing all available options can lead to massive headaches. The solution? Get customers to organize themselves and deliver only the bookable items that meet their needs.

In some cases, showing all bookable assets to all customers can lead to confusion and lost sales

Step 2: If you’re staying on the island, you’re flexible.

Arriving by cruise ship? Your tour date and times are not flexible. Let’s display only the tours that meet your needs.

Step 3: Not all customers are the same

We can collect different data based on the type of customer or booked tour.

Better Calendars

Checkfront calendar widget for WordPress

Improve user experience by adding our Checkfront Availability Calendars WordPress Plugin. These calendars allow you to break free of the default Checkfront booking widget. Take control of the visual design of your bookable items.