Checkfront Date & Category Search

weCreate’s Checkfront Date and Category Search are features of our Checkfront WordPress plugin which allows you to add date and category search fields to any page on your website to filter your Checkfront booking page.

With a simple WordPress shortcode you can add date search and category search to any page on your website.

Checkfront Date and Category Search

Datepicker Fields on Any Page

Allow your users to immediately begin searching your Checkfront items from your homepage by adding the shortcode and letting them choose their categories or dates.

Checkfront Date and Category Search Datepicker
When selecting one of the date fields a datepicker box will appear for users to select their dates.

Mobile-Ready Design

The category and date search fields are easily usable on desktop as well as mobile devices to make it easy for your users to search your Checkfront items from any page on any device.

Checkfront Date and Category Search - Mobile View
On a mobile device the search fields stack.

Customizable Category and Date Search Fields

The plugin has multiple settings that allow you to customize output. For example, you can hide the category field, have a single datepicker field and change the label.

Checkfront Date Search - Mobile View
You can choose to have a single date field and change the datepicker field label.

See the complete feature list of the plugin.

Compatible with Checkfront’s WordPress Plugin

This plugin is compatible with Checkfront’s WordPress plugin which allows the booking process to happen seamlessly on your website. Customers never leave your website to complete a booking.

Need more Customization?

Looking for even greater Checkfront integration into your website than this plugin provides? We have experience designing and building custom Checkfront + WordPress websites as well as custom booking interfaces for existing websites.

Download Now

This plugin is free to download and use. If you require setup, support, or additional customizations please contact us to discuss your needs and our rates.