Checkfront Availability Calendars – WordPress Plugin

weCreate’s Checkfront Availability Calendars WordPress plugin allows you to add calendars to your website showing the availability of your Checkfront items.

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With a simple WordPress shortcode you can add monthly availability calendars on your website.

Checkfront Availability Calendar

Customizable Checkfront Availability Calendars

The plugin has multiple settings that allow you to customize output. For example, you can hide the legend or the “Book Now” button.

See the complete feature list of the plugin.

Daily View & Nightly View

Display Checkfront availability calendars in Daily or Nightly View. Daily View is useful for Checkfront items like Tours. Nightly View is useful for Checkfront items like Accommodations that begin / end mid-day.

Checkfront Calendar - Daily View
Checkfront Availability Calendar – Daily View
Checkfront Calendar - Nightly View
Checkfront Availability Calendar – Nightly View

Combine Items into One Calendar

In some situations you may want to combine the availability of multiple Checkfront items into a single availability calendar. For example, identical apartment suites. If any item is available on a given day, the day will show as available.

Checkfront Availability Calendar - Item 1
Example: Checkfront Item #1
Checkfront Availability Calendar - Item 2
Example: Checkfront Item #2
Checkfront Availability Calendar - Items 1 & 2
Example: Combined availability of Items #1 and #2

Display Multiple Calendars

In other situations you may just want multiple Checkfront availability calendars on a single page.

Multiple Checkfront Availability Calendars
Example of two Checkfront Availability Calendars on one page.

Compatible with Checkfront’s WordPress Plugin

This plugin is compatible with Checkfront’s WordPress plugin which allows the booking process to happen seamlessly on your website. Customers never leave your website to complete a booking.

Need more Customization?

Looking for even greater Checkfront integration into your website than this plugin provides? We have experience designing and building custom Checkfront + WordPress websites as well as custom booking interfaces for existing websites.

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