Checkfront Website Design on WordPress

The weCreate team consists of experienced Checkfront web designers and developers who can help with your Checkfront website design. We build custom Checkfront websites tailored to your needs that seamlessly integrate online bookings.

Checkfront Online Booking Platform

CheckfrontCheckfront is a highly customizable online bookings platform that allows you to integrate the booking and payment process of any time or date based service directly into your website. You can manage all bookings and payments from Checkfront’s simple and modern dashboard as well as integrate Checkfront with other marketing, accounting and CRM software.

WordPress and Checkfront

We build on the WordPress platform, the #1 content management system (CMS) on the internet. Checkfront offers fantastic integration with WordPress and we provide a seamless Checkfront integration for your website.

Checkfront Website Design

To maximize conversion of potential customers it is critical to create a seamless and easy booking experience.

With Tofino Beach Homes we wanted to immediately show visitors the beauty of the destination and encourage a date search for accommodations. By integrating WordPress with Checkfront, visitors to the website can now search all of the Checkfront properties in a website that has been beautifully designed and custom built.

Checkfront website design - Tofino Beach Homes

With StayTofino, we leveraged a website done by another firm and refined it to add more functionality. One improvement we made was the addition of location search (Beach or Village) as well as Pet Friendly. We added the three boxes below the date search which send visitors to the accommodations page and immediately filters accommodations by the respective type.

Checkfront web designers - StayTofino

Search Functionality

While our custom date search adds important simple and seamless functionality, you truly start to see the benefits of Checkfront / WordPress integration when you look at our accommodation pages.

Tofino Beach Homes and StayTofino offer accommodation filtering capabilities to refine a search. Users can combine filtering (ex. Pet Friendly) with a date search. When a search is made or a filter is enabled, all accommodations that do not match will immediately disappear from the page, giving users a quick and easy way to find the right match for them.

Checkfront web developers - Tofino Beach Homes

Checkfront websites - StayTofino

We can integrate custom map search functionality using Google Maps. This allows users to find accommodation based on physical location. Clicking on the accommodation results reveals a pop-up with key information about the property.

Checkfront and Google Maps - StayTofino

A basic feature of a seamless Checkfront integration is adding availability calendars to your website. You can do this with our Checkfront Availability Calendars WordPress Plugin. These calendars allow you to break free of the default Checkfront booking widget. The end result is full control over the visual design of your accommodation pages.

Our Checkfront Projects

To see examples of several Checkfront websites we have developed, see our Work.

If you would like to find out more about building a custom Checkfront-integrated website please contact us.